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To improve the mental well-being of young adults with cancer.

“ And then suddenly there's this disease. Cancer. That's not possible at all, because we're far too young. No one understands, not even our doctors. ”

Floor van Liemt, 23 years old

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Being a young adult is usually the most exciting time of your life. You’re full of dreams, hopes and expectations. You’re going to university or doing vocational training. Maybe you’re getting ready for your first job or are already doing well in your career. Or perhaps you’ve moved away from home for the first time or to a new city or flat. Maybe with your partner or on your own. And maybe you have young children. You’re enjoying meeting up with friends, travelling and looking at what you can do for the climate. You’re thinking about the future and all the things you want to do.

And then suddenly you’re diagnosed with cancer. Why me? I’m far too young for this! No-one else really seems to understand, not even your doctors.

F|Fort is a charitable foundation set up especially for young adults with cancer. Getting cancer turns your life completely upside down. Particularly when you’ve still got your whole life ahead of you. Suddenly all your plans – university, work, relationships, having children – change in an instant.

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In this interview, the founder of the F|Fort Foundation, Floor van Liemt, explains why she believes that more attention should be paid to the mental well-being of young adults aged 18-35. 


We are pleased and proud that Professor Dr. Hanneke van Laarhoven, internist-oncologist at Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC), has selected our Photography project to be part of scientific doctoral research into the influence of art on the mental well-being of cancer patients. If it can be demonstrated that art (in the broadest sense of the word) has a positive influence on the wellbeing of cancer patients, this could possibly lead to health insurers funding art projects for (also young) patients. Zoë Bood is the young researcher conducting this PhD research. All participants in the photography project participate in this research. 

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